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DIY: The Secret to Being Super-Daddy

Jor-El is arguably the most famous father ever created in the comics, and he cheated! He only had to be a dad for two hours, tops! Oh hey, I have a baby. Here’s a nice escape pod for you. Goodbye! – That’s it, that’s all he did and he’s garnered celebrity status. 21687155_lWell… he did do one more thing, he created the resources that would help his son grow to become what he was born to be. Which I suppose is why Jor-El is my favorite Super-dad, and in my humble opinion, the man who holds the secret to being a super-daddy. What it all boils down to is that super-dads know how to help their families learn the most important lessons in life. Lessons like, “hard work is the only way anything gets done in this world” and, “practice makes the master”. You see, super-dads know that the secret of being a super-dad is a healthy dose of DIY.

Kids and the Tool Box

Children are amazing, they have brains like sponges and eyes that notice everything you do. It’s as though their mission statement is, “if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.” Lost in their readingSo if you’re dedicated to couch-sitting and potato chip eating you can bet your son is going to think that’s the ultimate highlight of his days. But if you’re up and at ‘em on Saturday mornings with a tool box in hand and a honey-do list, your children will hero-worship the calling of a super-daddy handyman. This can also be dangerous if you don’t keep a close eye on your extension ladders and table saws—I promise they’ll want to follow in your footsteps.

Now I don’t know about you, but I sure as spit want my son to do more with his days than watch television. Especially since it seems apparent that kids cartoons are going the way of the toilet. I don’t know how much wisdom I have at my disposal, but I have two simple goals for my time as a father of little tykes- teach them how to work, and teach them how to dream. The articles that I post on this blog will be focused on my discoveries as I strive to live up to my two goals. As a simple-minded super-daddy I can promise you a myriad of “what not to do” examples, and hopefully, some great success stories.

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